Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bergüzar Korel


Bergüzar Korel is a Turkish model and actress. She was born on September 2, 1987 in Istanbul, Turkey. She spent her childhood in Ulus, Turkey. She started her professional acting carrier in 2006. She acted as Şehrazat Evliyaoğlu in Binbir Gece (1001 Nights), a Turkish TV series which is not only popular in just Turkey but also in many Eastern European Countries. Bergüzar is married to Halit Ergenç in 2009, a famous Turkish actor.

Her TV projects are Zeytin dali (2005), 1001 Nights (2006-2009), Bitmeyen sarki (2010-2011), Magnificent Century (2011), Karadayi (2012-2013). She also acted in some movies which are Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (2006) and Ask geliyorum demez (2009).

BergüzarKorel with her husband Halit Ergenç


  1. İ love berguzar korel so much
    She is a beauty queen
    İ have no words to define her.
    İ love her so much

  2. Szép is, tehetséges is, okos, is, jó feleség és anya is.....



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